1. We all live life in quotes
Being aware of the existence of these quotes is the first step in building a critical camp consciousness.

2. Critical camp deconstructs and reconstructs the status quo
It shows the frail systems upon which our lives are built, writes them bigger and badder in order to make them more visible.

3. Critical camp is consciousness raising
Critical camp uses camp to make an argument. It is evangelical in its efforts to remind everyone that we all live life in quotes (see axiom #1). It retools popular culture in the service of dissonance.

4. Critical camp uses excess as a political tool to re-sensitize
It calls attention to the extravagant society of the spectacle that surrounds us and tries to overwhelm us into submission, investing instead in the sensorial, "in-the-room" experience.

5. A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down
The medicine is the fact of our failing. The sugar is the raucous, the populist, the participatory.