DIVERSITY FELLOWS! is a critical camp collaborative interested in interrogating aspects of (their) Americanness. Aimed at blurring the lines between performance, politics, and the presentation of self in every-day life, the FELLOWS use race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, class, and more as both lenses and performed identities to produce genre-blurring pieces that refer to pop-cultural tropes, critical theory, and queer performance tactics, creating chaotic environments out of seemingly simplistic interactive structures: Green card interviews, diversity workshops, make-up appointments, karaoke. The FELLOWS, Marc Boucai and Reya Sehgal, are grounded in performance training from L’Ecole Internationale de Jacques le Coq and the American Conservatory Theater, and educated in queer theory, postcolonial theory, performance studies, and public humanities from UC Berkeley and Brown University. They unite theory, politics, and physical performance in their collaborative work. The DIVERSITY FELLOWS! have performed at conferences and performance festivals in the Bay Area, Detroit, New York City, and produce political performance variety shows in Providence, RI. The FELLOWS are based in Brooklyn and Providence. 



2018      TRAINING DAY, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, February

2017      TRAINING DAY, RISD, March
              Inter(racial)mezzo, RISD Museum, March
              re_volt_ing: an art show in protest, Distillery Gallery, Boston, January

2016      Yeah Shame?!: An Evening of Queer Alt Performance and Punk, AS220, June
              TRAINING DAY, AS220, April-May
              TRAINING DAY, Community College of Rhode IslandApril
              FROM SCRATCH: A Works in Process Night, AS220, April
              LUNA LOBA parte dos: For the Worm Moon, AS220, March

2015      The 2015 Show, AS220, December
              Songs for a Queer Millennium: A Live Art Mixtape, Performancy Forum Quinquennial, Panoply        
                       Performance Lab, October
              The 9/11 Show, AS220, September
              DIVERSITY FELLOWS // Benjamin Lundberg: Works-in-Process, 603 at the Silent Barn, August
              Not Just 1001 Nights: A Performance Cabaret by the Arab American Critical Performance Initiative,
DIWAN 6: A Forum for the Arts, Arab American National Museum, May
              TODO BAJO CONTROL | VERNAL EQUINOX, Providence, RI, March
              The Empire Revue Presents: The Literature Show!, AS220, March

2014      The Un-United States of America: Artists Confronting Racism, AS220, December
              FANCY : PANTSY, HO_SE, Brooklyn, March

2012      THE STIGMATIZATION ACT, The Rec Center, Oakland, May
              THE STIGMATIZATION ACT, Queer (In)Security conference, UC Davis, May


Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, 2018
Rhode Island School of Design, 2016-2017
Sedona Summer Colony, 2016


2018      Performing Social Praxis: an Artist Talk, Lecture, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, February

2017      Performing Social Praxis: an Artist Talk, Lecture, RISD Museum, March
              Art As Service symposium, CUE Art Foundation, January
              You Are Your Work: Defining Identity, Lecture + Workshop, RISD, January

2016      Decentering the Crit, Workshop, RISD, November
              The Other Canons: Syllabus Edit-a-Thon, Workshop, RISD, November
              Diversity Decathlon, Workshop, RISD, October
              MLK Series: Issues-based Investigations of Culture and Community, Workshop, RISD, October
              Theatre as Social Activism, Lecture, Community College of Rhode Island, April